Rubber Boa: Care, Temperament & Breeding

Rubber boa

Rubber boas (Charina bottae) are the snakes for you if you want a snake that is going to enjoy being handled. They are simple-looking snakes that are terrestrial and semi-fossorial. … Read more

Albino Ball Python: Care, Appearance & Facts

Albino ball python

Despite its relative scarcity, the albino ball python is a popular pet amongst beginner reptile owners and veterans alike. It’s beautiful coloring, docile temperament, and straightforward care requirements make it … Read more

Eastern Kingsnake: Care, Temperament and Breeding

Eastern kingsnake

Despite its larger size and enclosure requirements, the Eastern Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula getula) has developed a dedicated following. This snake’s laidback temperament after maturity and easy feeding habits make it … Read more