Meet our Education Coordinator! 
Jill Rials

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Education for our community is one of the AHA's biggest goals; something we value, and strive for. Being able to foster an environment where people can appreciate reptiles and amphibians is our specialty. Below, you will find information on the educational services we provide to the community. 

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For more information, or to set up an event, please contact Jill!

Phone: (480) 229-4341


Jill Rials began her involvement with reptiles as an exotic python and boa enthusiast at a young age. Eventually, her focus shifted to native reptiles and amphibians of the Sonoran Desert. Her passion for the animals coupled with her love for education made her a perfect fit for the AHA. She was named Education Coordinator for the club in 2014. Jill has made it top priority to share our love and understanding for these often misunderstood animals with the public.


We offer up-close, safe, and fun encounters that will educate people on how amazing these animals really are, how important they are to our ecosystem, and how to live safely alongside the wildlife we share our desert homes with. From preschoolers to seniors, birthday parties to the classroom, we cater the presentations to you. We will bring live animals to your event for the attendees to see and interact with. Rattlesnakes, (displayed in locked boxes) non-venomous snakes, tortoises, toads, and lizards. How many folks get a close look at a Gila Monster? They are always a crowd favourite.

We look forward to introducing the beautiful animals of the AHA to you all soon!